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How to make co-authors plus to work?

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    I have the latest version of clean retina and i have installed a plugin for showing multiple authors (co-authors) on a single post. However, the front end does not show the multiple authors. What file needs to be changed and what code needs to be inserted. Please help.!

    There is a forum topic from 2013 that does not seem to apply to the latest version.



    Hi Kumar,

    We are not familiar to this co-author plugins. Where do you want to add your code? Can you make it more clear to us and also provide the screenshot too.
    Each and every code is displayed from theme folder -> library -> structure -> content-extension.php. You need to make customization on this file.

    Thank you!


    Thanks! My goal is to be able to assign multiple authors to a single post. If I can do this directly in Clean Retina, let me know how to do it. I found a plug-in that can assign multiple authors to a single post called “Co-Authors Plus”. Here’s what I am trying to do as per the instructions from Co-Authors Plus.

    Some excerpt from the Co-Authors Plus page:
    To integrate Co-Authors Plus, you’ll want to replace existing author template tags in your theme with a simple conditional that uses the Co-Authors Plus template tags if Co-Authors Plus is available. The conditional prevents your site from breaking (e.g. white screen of death) if Co-Authors Plus isn’t activated.

    For example, here’s how you would update the_author_posts_link() to instead use coauthors_posts_links():

    if ( function_exists( ‘coauthors_posts_links’ ) ) {
    } else {
    However, the example above is a relatively simplistic way of presenting bylines. There’s a good chance your theme will need an adaptation of it.


    Hi kumar.dhanasekharan,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Better make child theme to customize the code so that while updating to new version your customization code will not be lost. Also if we find any solution to help you then we will let you know.

    Thank you!


    Ok, but I have not been able to find the existing author template tags in your theme… Which file under which directory carries this information on how you display author information…


    I am not a programmer – I am trying to understand where the author template tags are and how to replace them. Any guidance is appreciated. I can do a child theme – which is OK.



    We don’t have any author template tag.Everything is WordPress default. If no template tag is there then it will display from core where we don’t make any code customization. So we are sorry for this feature. You need to hire a developer.

    Thank you!


    Replace in the content-extensions.php <?php authors_posts_link(); ?> to <?php coauthors_posts_links(); ?>. In my theme it was 5 times.
    This should work, when You don’t want to make a child theme. This is hard coded and will be lost after the next theme update and You have to change it again.
    Be sure that You have enabled the plugin!


    Thanks for helping us Bertrand

    Thank you!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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