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How do these options work ?

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    I know that some themes the sliders work by taking post and showing them from the categorys. Then the sliders that show popular stories display the ones that have been clicked the most. Is there anyway to display 4 other (small) main stories along with the large one on the slider ?


    Hi @deven1134,

    Sorry this will be the new feature for the theme so you need to hire a developer to customize the code for you.



    I’m sorry let me start over. My questions are

    1.How do popular stories keep track ? by how many clicks people make on them ?

    2.Do Top stories & Editors picks pick stories from a category that is assigned ?


    Actually Popular Stories Section doesn’t shows the popular posts. Its is just the Title for the Section. You have set to the desired category from customizer to be shown on that section.

    and Yes Top Stories and Editor pick section also shows the post that is assigned to the respective category but if the option to show by category is not set on customizer then the latest post will be shown on those section.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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