How do install the theme in my wordpress?

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    I was trying to upload the theme in my WordPress but it has shown me an error like you can’t upload this file. Try to solve my problem ASAP.

    Thank you so much for your themes. You people made our work very easy.

    Amelia Cristo


    Hi there,

    Installing the theme is very easy and it’s the same process you do for other WP themes.
    Can you please clarify what you have done to install the theme?

    Thank you!


    Hi! I’m trying to upload a new theme but it’s giving me this error 500 Internal Server Error, howto fix this error?
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    Hi @siennadavid30

    Which theme you have installed? Did you talk about those error to your hosting provider?

    Thank you!


    Why I am having an internal server error while uploading the theme. My website is Mesheble. Can someone help me please as I have backp back my site.


    Hi there,

    The theme you are using was not developed by us, So please contact to the main author of the theme for the support.

    Thank you!


    I am keep trying update the theme of supersavermama and i don’t know why i am having issue. Need your help if possible.


    Hi @tanyaburr18

    Seems like you have activate the different theme which is not developed by us.
    Please contact to the main author of the theme that you have activate into your site.

    Thank you!


    I cannot find style.css in the theme folder. Can anyone help?


    Hi @ali-brownbricks84,

    If you cannot find the style.css file than please download the fresh copy of the theme again.

    Thank you!


    menu , top story and search not working in mobile.
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    Hi @subhashdubey728,

    Seems like scripts are not loading into your site, So can you please check deactivating plugin one by one and let us know.

    Thank you!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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