How can I download themes I purchased.

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    Hello and sorry to trouble you again, but I really need some help.

    1 year ago, I purchased you Themes Bundle at $99, including Free One year support and update, I didn’t continue pay for this subscription because I think it’s ok to keep this version for me, and I thought they’re always with my annount and can be download anytime, even it’s not the newest version.

    But, I didn’t see them this time I signed in, and I’m here to ask how can I download them.
    Thank you!






    Hi Unit,

    Actually after the purchase of our themes bundle package you will get free update, free support and get upcoming premium themes for one year via support forum. After one year if you want to continue with the update and support for the themes bundle you will have to pay small amount $49 for another year.
    But you can continue to use the theme for the lifetime without renewing the yearly subscription.

    Renew the subscription to download the Themes Bundle latest version.

    Thank you!


    but I don’t know where to download


    Hi unit,
    login to your account page. Click on download tab and your available downloads will be available.

    Thank you


    So I purchase Ultimate Pro, and downloaded it. Great. Now how do I get it uploaded to my dashboard so that my Ultimate theme now reflects the Pro version I just purchased?????


    Hi Julianna,

    To activate the pro version its very easy.

    Log in to the WordPress dashboard.
    Go to Appearance > Themes.
    Click on Add New and then Upload button.
    Choose the Ultimate Pro theme that you have downloaded.
    then click on Install button and activate it.

    Thank you!


    Hello, I purchased the theme bundle but when I go on the theme horse download panel, All the download links point to the file. Is there un bug on your site?



    hi Stephane,

    Yes there is a bug in woocommerce. We are contacting to the main author and we will fix as soon as possible and let you know. For now you can Email Us and we can provide you a zip file.

    Thank you


    Thank you, I emailed you.


    Hi Stephane,

    Now the bug has been fixed. you can download for your account page.

    Thank you


    Thank you,

    But it miss Superior Pro

    I only have six of them.


    Hi Stephane,
    Still there is a problem. You can download Superior Pro theme as there are many duplicate products. We have already contacted to woocommerce plugin author. You can download from your account page.

    Thank you

    Folke Straube

    I just bought the upgrade to interface pro. But I dont understand how to install it.


    Hi Folke Straube,

    Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
    Go to Appearance->Themes.
    Click on add new button at the top
    Click on Upload button
    Browse the zip file of Interface Pro
    Then Click on Install Now to install the theme.

    Thank you

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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