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Home Page: Using the Same Category Multiple Times

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    Hi there,

    I am using the free version of the theme and may upgrade to the premium if I can get a few things to work properly. The biggest issue I am running into right now is that I’d like to use the same category across the whole home page without making duplicate posts.

    For example:

    Feature Slider = Category #1 Posts 1-4
    Featured Posts 1 = Category #1 Posts 5-8
    Featured Posts 2 = Categor #1 Posts 9-12

    Is this possible? I’ve previously been able to do this on other themes. Any help would be appreciated; thank you!


    Hi @brett-0288,

    Yes it is possible to show the different post of same categories without making duplicate. First you need to create the categories under the same parent category. You can create the categories from the ‘categories’ link under the ‘Post’ Tab on Dashboard. After creating categories under the same parent category then you need to set those child categories on the desired post of same category from the post editor. Then you will find those child categories list on the categories dropdown list on every widgets and option on customizers. This will help to show the posts without duplicate.

    Thanks and hope you will upgrade the theme to the premium one. As the Premium theme have lots of more features that you will surely love.


    Hi @theme-horse

    Thanks for the response! Wouldn’t this fix still require me to manually update what posts go into each child category as I add new posts in order to make them flow through the page?

    For instance, what if I wanted the featured slider to show posts 1, 2, and 3. Then when I add a new post, post #3 moves to Featured Posts 1. Not showing duplicates is great, but I also want to make sure the posts flow through the home page from spot to spot without me having to regularly manually adjust it.

    Any help would be so appreciated; thanks again!


    We do understand your requirement but currently our theme is not coded in that way. Yes you manually have to update the post under Sub categories (Child Categories). If you want the same way as you said then you need to hire a developer to customize the code as your requirement.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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