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header background image

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    I have created a background image but when I upload it to theme customizer it goes at topmost position, above the strip, above the date is displayed. how to add logo background image?

    check the image, I want to add background image at no. 2 but its going to the place of 1

    please refer 1,2,3

    also I have another question, how to add image, button at advertisement section? (marked as no.3)


    Hi @ajay-revosys,

    If you upload the image or video on Appearance > Customize > Header Media then the image or video will be shown at top of the page ie; above the info bar.

    Please upload the background image on Appearance > Customize > Header to display the image behind the logo.

    And Sorry the Advertisement section only displays the image as the Advertisement. So you have to design the Advertisement image with the Buttons as well but you can definitely set the URL link for clicking that advertisement. and to set the URL Link please got to Appearance > Customize > Header there you will find the field to upload advertisement Image and Link




    Thanks for the reply, I have done it but the uploaded header image not showing completely. link is: livenanded.com
    what should be the ideal size of that image?



    Please reply

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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