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Header Advertisement and Slider Image Size


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    Hello. Thank you for replying about my request on the banner advertisement for my I have a follow up question to that reply.

    For the banner ad once I switch back to the style 1 for the placement of the header advertisement or banner, how do I incorporate Google Ads.Google Adsense into the URL for the header? Google Ads/Google Adsense operate by code not url.

    My second question about the theme is the image slider size. What is the correct size to use for the image slider? I noticed that my homepage is slow to load as I have used images at 2000px; the slider also shows a blank spot before it appears…Could that be because the images are too big for he image slider or theme conflicting with a plugin?

    My third question has to do with video. I have used multiple themes in the past, but never had a problem with inserting my YouTube playlist. Now my YouTube is not working. What could this issue be?

    My final question has to do with cache. Is the theme compatible with WP cache plugins? Are those plugins necessary for this theme?

    Thank you for any suggestions or advice. I really love the theme… I would hate to discard it because of these small technical matters. Always, Dennis


    Hi @dfreeman,

    You can add the Google Ads on other sections through widget but sorry not in the Header Banner Section. For this you need to hire a developer to customize the code for you.

    There is no any recommended sizes for the image on the slider. Any sizes are made to fit responsibly with the slider. But we recommend you to use the size of 1280 x 720. And please try to use the online image Compressor before updating the images on Sites. The compressor will help you to reduce to the maximum possible memory size of the image without affecting the quality of image. As we Recommend you to use for compressing the image.

    And yes our theme supports WP cache plugins.

    Please Let us know if you have any other issue regarding the theme



    Thank you. The theme is awesome!


    Welcome anytime @dfreeman


    NIce post, but please how do i do so on my site


    Hi there,

    It seems you are not using out theme. Please contact to the main author/developer of the theme that you are using into your site.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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