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Have to log in, repeatedly when customizing

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    Hello, I have an annoying problem.

    When I will customize a part in the theme (right now I will change the logo in the header) the log in dialog box appears, saying “The session has closed, please log in again, you will not be transferred from this page”. But – when I try to log in (yes, I use the right credentials…) I get the message “You have been logged in” but when the content will load, the spinner shows and the log in dialog box appears again, and I have to log in again, and again and again.

    I can edit the pages and media library as usual, the problem appears only when I go from the panel and to the theme customizer.

    I have tried to clear the cache, cookies, tried different browsers and deactivated the widgets/plugins. Have upgraded to the latest version of Ultimate Free.

    I also run another WP-site with another theme and that works fine!

    Please, can you help me?


    Hi per.norell,

    We are not facing this issue in our theme. Could you deactivate all the plugins that you have installed in your dashboard and check it whether this problem persist or not. And also did you made any code customization in theme?

    Thank you!


    Hi, I have tried to inactivate all plugins and upgraded to the latest version of Ultimate but the problem is still there.

    However, I found a way to work around it so most of the work is now finished.


    Hi Per,

    Could you please provide us the temporary username and password to your site via Email. So, that we can see the exact issue.
    Please do not share any username and password here in this forum because this forum is public and visible to all customers.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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