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‘Ghosts’ of ambition remain after changing themes

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    I am working on a new blog, and haven’t decided on which theme to use yet. For a while, I have been working with the free version of the Ambition theme, but have decided to explore other themes. Them problem is, after I switch to twentyseventeen-child, the colophon still appears to be a truncated version of Ambition, complete with a link to Theme Horse. I have an entirely new style.css (copied from twentyseventeen), and my functions.php does link to twentyseventeen. I have cleared my cache several times, both on my Mac and my hosting server. Also, in my dashboard, when I go to Appearance/Customize, I’m told that I am customizing twentyseventeen child, but my customize options are still Ambition.
    I’m not sure exactly what I did wrong, but I could use some help here.

    I am running WordPress 4.9.5 hosted through HostGator. My browser is Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit), running on OSX 10.11.6.


    I tied to link to a screenshot in google drive, but fro some reason, it wouldn’t upload.


    For some reason, I can’t see the image.

    I forgot to mention that the blog that I am working with is .



    Can you please clarify what exactly you did? As of your theme that is currently activated into your site is not our theme design.
    Did you remove the theme main CSS code and added from twentyseventeen theme?

    Thank you!


    I was using ambition, and had completely changed themes from ambition to twentyseventeen. My style.css and functions.php sheets had no mention of the ambition theme in them whatsoever. Then, I changed themes to PureMag, again with entirely new style.css and functions.php sheets. All of my previous problems went away. Problem solved, even though I’m not sure what happened to begin with…


    HI Antony,

    It’s a weird problem.
    How is it possible that the activate theme takes another non activate style.css and function.php.
    Did you solved the issue or not? If not let us know.

    Thank you!


    I’m not sure what happened either.I just switched themes back to twentyseventeen child and ambition child and I didn’t see any issues. I do have two ambition child themes visible in my dashboard, although my file manager says that I only have one. Whatever the problem was, it seems to be resolved now.


    Hi Antony,

    Nice to hear that it solved.
    Anyways if you have any problem please let us know.

    Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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