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forums index does not display correctly bbPress

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    I have the Interface theme installed on my website and would first off like to say thank you for the great theme!

    I recently installed bbPress and Buddypress on my blog and the only problem I have is that the /forums index page does not display correctly:

    The forum topics however, display correct

    I posted on the bbPress forum about my issue and they told me to change the page template that bbPress uses (topics act like posts and the forum index acts like an about page – apparently). This solution did not work for me and they recommended to get in touch with the theme support directly, so here I am.

    Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated :))


    Hi Meowmethod,

    We will find what is the issue and update a next version ASAP.

    Thank you for reporting.

    Theme Horse


    I’m having exactly the same problem and I’d really appreciate it if you could make the theme work with bbPress. Thanks 🙂


    Yes Ben,
    We are working on it and we will have update within few days.

    Thank you!


    Hi meowmethod,

    We have update the theme with fixing the bbPress index page issue. Please update your theme and let us know if there is still issue on bbPress.

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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