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Featured Post/Slider is not rendering (featured image set, no plug-ins)


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    Did all theme setup according to documentation:
    – created Business Template page (set as home page)
    – created 2 posts and set featured image (1038px width, using Narrow template –
    – in the slider options set number of slides to 2
    – in the featured post/page slider options specified id of the previous 2 posts

    As a result, renders no content for the slider.

    All plug-ins disabled
    Theme version: 1.2.3

    Rabin Shrestha

    Hi sergejusb,

    Make sure the post id are correct. Also under featured posts/page slider->slider options make sure Disable slider in not checked.



    Checked IDs – everythink OK
    Checked Disable slider – nothing checked

    Rabin Shrestha

    Hi sergejusb,

    Can you provide us temporary username and password here in our mail we will have a closer look. Haven’t heard of such issues from other users.



    Sent, thanks.


    Hello, Is there an update to this — I have performed a similar set up and I am encountering the same problems.

    My site is

    Thank you


    Nope, noting new from my side 🙁

    Rabin Shrestha

    Hi 3csynergy,

    It seems you have not uploaded featured images. Make sure you have set featured image. You will see set featured image option on right hand side of the post editor



    Thanks that was it!!!!
    — can you adjust the documentation to reflect this step? Or did I miss where this information is posted?
    I kind of see where step 13 states featured images, but for newbies like me you may need to explicitly list the step you told me 🙂

    7) Specific Layout Per Post/Page Configuration – top

    This theme allows you to choose the specific layout for every post display and every page display. You can do so by following the steps give below.

    Go to Posts/Pages->All Posts/All Pages.
    Click on any Post/Page.
    You will see a box named Select layout for this specific Post only. in belower part below the text editor box. NoteIf you don’t find it, you will see Screen Options, click on it and check the Select layout for this specific Post only.
    If your select Default Layout set in Theme Settings , the layout set in the Default Layout Configuration will be layout for this post as well.
    You can select from No Sidebar/No Sidebar, Full Width/No Sidebar, One Column/Left Sidebar/Right Sidebar to be this post’s specific layout.
    Update the post to save the changes.

    8) Set up Homepage Slider – top

    Go to Appearance->Theme Options->Featured Posts/Pages slider->slider options
    Set the number of sliders and other transition effects.
    Then go to featured post/page slider options below slider options
    Fill each input box with the Post/Page ID of the post/page which you want to use as slider.
    You can view Post ID by clicking Posts/Pages->All posts/pages in your Dashboard. The ID for each post/pages will be shown in right most side of screen.
    Remember that each post whose post/page id you are using for slider must have featured image minimum of size 1038(width in px) for narrow-layout and 1400(width in px) for wide layout and height according to your choice for slider image to show properly(Note: Better to use all images of same size.)
    After filling all input box with Post/Page ID click save.

    NOTE: Slider works for the home page and static front page.

    13) Recommended Image Sizes – top

    This theme depends heavily on Featured Images per post. Read more about Featured Images.
    a. Slider Image size for Wide Layout

    Width: 1400px
    Height: 460px
    b. Slider Image size for Narrow Layout

    Width: 1038px
    Height: 460px
    c. Featured Image per post for Blog Image Medium Template

    Width: 230px
    Height: 230px
    d. Featured Image per post for Blog Image Large Template

    Width: 670px
    Height: 300px
    e. Image size for icon used in Business Layout

    Width: 80px
    Height: 80px

    NOTE: If you are switching from another theme, you will want to install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress plugin to resize your existing images.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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