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Featured Image not serving as WEBP, other images incorrectly served


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    my site:
    I am using KEYCDN
    I am using LITESPEED
    I am using webp compression/creation from

    1. this NEWSCARD theme cannot be properly optimised at the HOME level

    all the featured images are served as .jpg/png even when a WEBP version exists

    note: webp is served fine on specific blog pages

    2. GTMETRIX speed testing

    gtmetrix testing shows that several images are not served correctly resized and hence add an extra load
    this might be linked to when images are displayed as part of a GALLERY (thumbnail or mosaic)



    I have the same problem using NewsCard Pro. CoreWebVitals will become more important with the upcoming Google update. This should be improved as a priority, as same as optimized CSS and JS and the visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift)!

    Beside that… great theme! 🙂

    Best regards!


    yes this is still a problem
    wordpress only allows the high level image to be set as a featured image

    this plugin needs to uses the correctly scaled image AND the webp version


    I see you have recently released an official update to the Theme

    I notice it says that you have made speed changed to the featured image displayed on the home page for each post.

    Can you say exactly what change has been made please? ie is the correct size of web file served, if available? if so – #AWESOME.


    actually just checked my gtmetric reports and, as you can see, you are still serving huge images even tho the cdn and webp version is used.

    see this image as explanation

    the images should be MUCH smaller in physical dimensions and about a quarter of the KB size (or even a smaller fraction)


    see this: still serving large files
    gtmetrix report



    Yes on the updated version the image size have been set accordingly depending on the layout some section still have large image size but not the full size because the layout is not same for all screen sizes so on tablet some section will get bigger to fit the screen width otherwise the image will get stretched if set same image size for all sections.



    that image
    shows individual file sizes of 500kb.
    those are large files to display for small, featured images.


    i have spent days trying to resolve this and the theme is still far from optimised for google page insights


    Note: I do have an active and correct lazyload plugin working.

    1. AMP home page: when you display featured images you display a large image and resize it to the smaller size. this can create a massive payload for the browser to load. You need to sever the appropriate image for the
    2. it looks like when you display featured images the height and width are not specified. this means that lazyloading plugins will not work for that image. they need both dimension attributes.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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