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Eliminating the “middle” section from Homepage

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    In default HP display, there are several sections: Main Stories, Editor’s Pick, Trending Stories, Popular Stories, then there’s a section with no headline, and below there’s a section of “You May Missed”..

    How can I remove the section between “Popular Stories” and “You May Missed” from Homepage?

    Many thanks 🙂


    Hi mostinterestingpeopleinworld,

    First you need to set the ‘Front Page Template’ to the Home ‘Page’. To set the Front Page Template you can go through the Link here. After Setting the ‘Front Page template’ Go to the Home Page, as you wished by default you will find no the Middle Content Section (Front Page Content Section and Front Page Sidebar Section).

    If you want to set widget on those Middle Section then you have can set different widgets through ‘Appearance > Customize > Widget’



    Brilliant! I was completely unaware of this instruction page.
    Thanks 🙂


    Yes, you can get the possible help from the page.

    even if you have any other queries then please let us know.



    Great 🙂

    Actually, one last quick question:
    I’ve added different categories in the homepage, by setting widgets, as suggested above.

    How can I prevent the posts in the widgets from repeating in the Editor’s Pick and Trending Stories sections? (without choose specific category to Editor’s Pick or to Trending Stories)?
    Meaning, the last posts I have on top (in Editor’s Pick & Trending Stories) wouldn’t appear in the categories that related to the widgets?

    Many thanks


    Is there some code I need to add to the “newscard-widgets.php” file?


    Hi mostinterestingpeopleinworld,

    Sorry as this is the new feature for the Theme so you need to hire a developer to customize the code for you. And we recommend you to customize the code only after making the Child Theme so that you won’t lost the customized code when updating the Theme to New version.



    OK, Cool.
    Can you please just give me a hint – in which file the widget code is?


    Yes you have to customize the code on every widgets on Theme Directory > inc > newscard-widgets.php


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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