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    Installed Ultimate theme on Saturday. I’m enjoying the theme. But, it happened today. Was doing some editing and the editor stop working. its showing showed a clear white box. It does show the editing tools on top with visual and text tabs. No cursor and Used other theme to see if if editor worked on that and it did. I’ve also deactivated plugins. But to no avail. Here is the website:… As of right now I cannot edit non of the pages.


    Hi Irit,

    Did you made and code customization or added any scripts or any CSS? If not then first deactivate all the plugins that you have installed in your dashboard and recheck it once. If still same problem then trying updating a new version of WordPress. Because we are not facing any issues that you are talking about. If still there is an issue then let us know.

    Some times due to slow internet connection too this problem will occur.

    Thank you!


    No customization done. Did deactivate plugin. But, that did not work. I reinstalled wordpress no change. Also, installed another theme and activated it. Then delete Ultimate. In turn around, reinstalled and activated Ultimate and problem still continued. Here’s what I do…..
    -all pages
    -pick a page
    -edit page
    – what I see is blank white box with edit tools on top, no response when cursor is in box when putting cursor on white box.


    Hi tjmarx73,

    Did you tried activating twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen themes? Once you activate twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen themes and check it whether the same problem occurs or not?

    Thank you!


    Yes , I tries 2016 and 2015 themes. They both work. No such problems.


    HI tjmarx73,

    Could you Email Us your temporary username and password? So that we can find the exact issue. And don’t forget to send this forum link and please don’t post your username and password to this forum.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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