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    Hi, I’m new at WordPress and this may be a dumb question but how do I edit other pages beside Home page with “NewsCard” theme?
    Everything I do on other pages it’s also apllied to the Home page, I want things I add on other pages to stay only on those pages, not to appear on Home page aswell.


    Hi @i-dusan1998,

    You are warm welcome to WordPress world and even thanks for Using our theme.

    Yes you can edit the other pages beside homepage. As you said ‘everything you do on other pages also applied to the Home page’ but actually it won’t. May be you are confused with the process. There is a menu ‘Pages’ on the left sidebar of the admin dashboard. By clicking to that menu ‘Pages’ will get to see all the pages you created. Simply click on the desired page to edit individually.



    Thank for asking this question I am also searching


    Welcome anytime @ammarali

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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