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Editing Footer Content


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    I’m trying to update and customize the content in the footer. I want it to reflect our contact information but I can’t figure out how to update it properly. Help!!!



    Sorry, This feature is not available in the free version.
    For this you have to upgrade it to premium version of Superior theme where you can get lots of features as well as option to edit footer content as your wish.

    Thank you!


    I recently updated my theme. Is there anyway to go back to theme prior to the update? Prior to the update, my address was in the footer. If I knew it would restrict my options, I would never have updated this theme.



    Sorry! There is no any footer option that you can edit its footer content in previous version.
    You may have customize the theme code in your previous version which may have been lost after update.

    Thank you!


    i also want to change the footer on my kashmirtourmart website on WordPress any one helpme


    Hi @sashiljaan,

    We have not develop the theme that you are using into your site.
    Please contact to the main author of the theme

    Thank you!


    Can anyone make a theme like this website Please let me know the price


    Hello @ttumedia145

    Please contact here for the customization, Web Services and price details.

    Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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