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Differences between the free and pro versions


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    I was wondering what the differences are between the free and pro versions. Is it just a difference of support and updates or are there features that are only available in the pro version?

    Thank you!


    Hi @rpancrazio,

    Thank you for your concern about the Theme. It is not just the difference of support and updates in Free and Pro Version. There are lots of New and Additional Features in the Pro Version which are not available in the Free Version. You can find the details about the Theme and check the comparison table on Free and Pro Version [Here].

    Also you can compare Free and Pro Version through our Demos [Here]

    Thank You


    Hi, I was wondering is it ok if I first try out the free version and if I find it amazing then can I upgrade it to the pro version? or is it important to have the Pro version from the beginning?


    Hi @irenepedin,

    Yes you can try the Free Version First. You will definitely love the Theme and yes the Pro Version have lots of Features and Updates than Free One.


    Jay Singh

    I have downloaded this theme for my client’s project. It is wonderfully great theme. Even the free version, has many good options to go with.
    Site loading and working speed is great. The next time, I would go for Pro, to enjoy its advanced features.



    Hello @n-hingoro786,

    Thank you for the appreciation.
    Looking forward for your upgrade.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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