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Date row-gutter 10

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    Hello Themehorse,

    You seem so cool and I hope you will take a little bit of time to help me.

    My site is
    Currently, my row-gutter 10 li class=date says: Tuesday, February 22, 2022
    I need the row-gutter 10 li class=date to say: The time in Scheveningen is 15:48:06 Tuesday,February 22,2022.

    I need the date and time to be a live ticker. The time in Scheveningen is the same time as the Amsterdam time. Scheveningen is a really cool place in the Netherlands that when people that hear about my site hear about Scheveningen, will definitely want to come there.

    I really need this because it is good for my nation when I tell everyone in the world about all the cool things we do: we make really great special cookies, we have such a cool beach in Scheveningen, We make Delft Blauw, we produce so many cool and great bicycles, we have unique and talented artists working on music production and paintings and 3dimensional artworks and so much more. We have also had the first inventor of the Python programming language (REALLY COOL RIGHT).

    Please help me. I need this. My nation needs this.
    If you help me I can also do a favor for you: Your place in the footer with Theme by: Theme Horse Proudly Powered by: WordPress is completely safe and will not be removed. I hear this is great for ranking high in the google search results.

    You would make me so grateful if you were to take this little bit of time to help me.
    By the way, have you ever heard of Maduro dam? Google it: Madurodam.
    It is really cheap and incredibly cool. Staying in the Netherlands as a guest is definitely really cheap.

    Sincere thankfulness from,
    Reinoudt Visser
    The kingdom of the Netherlands


    Hi admin-5103,

    Thanks for sharing the information about your Location. It sounds really great.

    Ok, to add the live time ticker with the additional text. Please go to Theme Directory > header.php file on line: 41, you will find below line of code.

    <ul><li class="date"><?php echo esc_html(date_i18n("l, F j, Y")); ?></li></ul>

    Simply replace the mentioned code with the below Custom Code.

    <ul><li class="date"><?php echo esc_html('The time in Scheveningen is '); echo esc_html(date('g i: A')); echo esc_html(date_i18n("l, F j, Y")); ?></li></ul>

    NOTE: Please make sure you make the child theme first before customizing the Theme code so that you won’t loose the customized code when updating theme to the newer Version in future.



    Hi Theme Horse Support Team,

    I am really thankful for your help.

    Reinoudt Visser


    Welcome anytime @admin-5103


    Hi, Theme Horse I was checking reviews about the theme and everything looks cool so far. I am currently using Acabado on my site MonitorsNerd and would like to change it to Theme Horse. Will changing affect my rankings?


    No, it won’t affect the ranking but if you feel like it’s affecting then you can switch back to the previous theme anytime.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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