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Customize not working (all the options when clicked, do nothing).

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    I have a site hosted through BlueHost. In WordPress I click to “customize” my theme (as I would like to change some wording, etc), and on the left side bar, none of the options do anything when clicked. It’s like something is corrupt. I don’t want to mess anything up because when I spoke to tech support yesterday, he changed the theme to a different one, and then when I changed it back, my website was completely messed up, and the issue was not resolved. I had to have them restore from a backup. How can I fix this issue?


    Hi Vanessa,

    Can you please share us the site Url? So that we can see your site and find out the exact issue.
    Meanwhile you can check deactivating all the plugins one by one and check may some plugins conflict the theme main code.

    Thank you!


    I disabled some widgets and it’s working now. Thank you for the info. I am new to this.


    Welcome anytime @vanessa

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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