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Creating a homepage like demo – minus the testimonials


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    How do i create a homepage like you have in the demo. I know how to add the “Corporate Template” section; what about the “Recent Work,” (I’d like to include recent blog posts under this section). I do not need the testimonials for the type of website i’m creating.
    I’ve read a reply somewhere on the forum to a similar request:

    “As this is a new feature, you will need to hire a developer for this.
    For this you will have a create a new template which would have featured box/pages and posts following it.”

    What exactly does all that mean since i’m not code-savvy or technically inclined? Is there another way around this?

    Sanjip Shah

    @kathy Please follow the instructions here to set up the page just like in our demo. You can just avoid the testimonials section if you don’t want it. About the recent work, the theme is designed to link to the respective page but not to the latest posts.


    Yes Sanjip. I’ve read a million times to follow the instructions @ I’ve also followed those instructions a million times. However, the only thing that seems to appear on my HOME page is the Featured boxes. Nothing else. Not the ‘Recent Work’ or ‘Testimonials’. Instead, these 2 other items are showing up on actual pages. I want them on the HOME Page only please.

    Sanjip Shah

    @kathy Can you provide a link to your page and I will look into it.


    Hi Sanjip.
    Right now it’s just a ‘subdomain’ site until we are ready to transfer it into its own domain.

    If you go to the ‘Phobias’ page,(, you’ll see what i mean.

    Sanjip Shah

    @Kathy I see that you have used the Home Corporate layout in the home page. You have checked on the ‘Latest Posts’ in the Settings->Reading and have selected the Home Corporate layout in the theme options. If you want the ‘Phobias’ page as the home page you will need to choose this page from Settings->Reading. Check on ‘Static Front page’ and choose the Phobias page the front page and click on ‘Save Changes’. But after this Home Corporate Layout will not be in you home page anymore. Hope this information helps.


    Hi Sanjip. I don’t think you understand what i’m trying to say. I don’t want the Phobias page on the front, I want the front (home) page to appear LIKE your DEMO page, ie. with the featured boxes, recent work and testimonial..

    I only used the Phobia page as an example to show you that the recent work and testimonial appears on that page. But I need for them to appear on the front/home page – once again, just like your demo, along with the Featured Boxes.

    It’s quite simple really. I need to keep those Featured Boxes on the Front/Home Page for links to external sites. I need the Recent Work for links(posts) WITHIN the site. The testimonial is just an added feature we don’t need but can work around.

    Sanjip Shah

    Hi Kathy, If you follow the instrutions in this, you will be able to create page just like in our demo. Now, you can go to Reading-Settings. Check on ‘static front page’ and set this (the one using the corporate template) as front page and click on ‘Save all Changes’.
    But with this template for the top section you can only use the pages within your site as redirect link. If you want to redirect the links to external sites, I fount this plugin which does the same Give it a try and see if this helps you.


    Those instructions are not helpful, which she told you.

    I created a page. But it has none of the features of your demo.

    The language is not clear, the instructions do not work.

    You repeat the same information expecting a different result.

    I just bought the premium version and am very unhappy that it is taking so much time to set something up.

    I have the corporate template. The first three images works. I set up the middle section, after having created all the pages, save the settings. AND NOTHING SHOWS UP.

    When I create a page and make it the static home page NOTHING like the demo shows up.

    This is exactly what was described above and the instructions you post do not solve the problem.


    Hi Tony,
    Could you please send the site url and also your temporary username and password at [email protected]
    We will look over it.

    Thank You!


    Hi i have just changed the settings from dashboard -> settings -> readings

    View this screenshot
    At before it was latest post so it is not displayed in your front page. Now you may add according to our demo site.

    Thank you!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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