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Content width (posts) in Newscard theme

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    Hello, I would like to know how to set a width for the web pages on my website which display a full post (smaller width on all pages except homepage?). Could someone please tell me how to do this in the Newscard theme. I have a child theme created with style.css and functions.php files. I have not added anything to them yet.
    Basically, my website is full of news articles (posts) similar to the demo. However, on a desktop computer, the posts are too wide to read comfortably. I think it would be better to include some padding? on the left side, or set a maximum width. The site needs to still be responsive. I am not sure how is the best way to accomplish this. Please help me with suggestions and instructions, thank you.



    Can you please provide us the site Url? So that we can see the exact pages that you need to reduce the width.

    Thank you!


    The URL is I addressed it partially by increasing the font size. It is the same as the demos pretty much. I was thinking about making a left side padding? margin? width adjustment so that there would be fewer words per line when reading across in the posts. Like I mentioned increasing the font size has helped. But still, I am interested in how to do it with the width if possible.
    Thank for your help



    Go Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste below CSS code to reduce the width of the content:

    @media (min-width: 992px) {
        .single .col-lg-8.content-area {
           -ms-flex: 0 0 66.666667%;
           flex: 0 0 66.666667%;
           max-width: 66.666667%;

    Note: Please reduce the above all 66.666667 digit value to your desired width.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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