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Contact info bar strange icons

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    Hi there!
    The contact icons on the bottom of the page appears to be corrupt.
    They appear as boxes in PC/chrome and as chinese symbols in phone/chrome.

    What to do?



    Sorry we couldnot find any screenshot provided by you. Please provide us your site url too. We have updated genericons to font awesome so might be from caching you are getting an issue. Please clear all the cache from your browser and server.

    Do you have created a child theme or not let us know?

    Thank you!


    Screenshot here:
    I cleared the cache in my browser but get the same result. How to clear in server?
    site is
    and yes, there is a child-theme.




    You are getting an issue with your child theme style.css. Why have your added all the css file inside your child theme? That’s not required. You need to add only the required css inside your child theme and other css will be loaded from your parent theme.

    In you child theme you are using genericons but we have removed it and now added a fontawesome. So update your child theme style.css file.

    Thank You!


    Fantastic, thank you!

    I couldn’t say why style.css got in there with the child-theme, I haven’t done any modifications to it.

    Great job!



    Child theme is created by you or someone else to be safe from your content loss while updating to new version. If you like to add css in your child theme then only add the required css for modification. Other default css will be loaded from your parent theme.

    If there is nothing code customization then its not required to install child theme but if you have installed child theme then style.css is required but you only add the required css. Other than unwanted css you can remove it from your child theme.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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