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    Featured Posts are limited to 5

    Can this be changed please?

    It seems that featured posts give the post a better SEO advantage, either
    – they just get the boost for being featured
    – people read them more and therefore get a boost!


    is there any CSS to change the number of featured posts to 10
    featured posts show in a carousel, so there are not layout implications



    We understand your requirements but it is made limit for Free Version and it cannot be increased through Custom CSS code. If you need more posts for all sections and widgets with extra Premium features then you can upgrade to our PRO version



    i’d pay for that.
    you have a sale 😉

    is there an explanation on exactly what all the pro features do IN DETAIL…I see the list at the above link.

    I assume the PRO theme still works without the annual support fee?


    edit: none of the newscard pro demos has more than 5 posts in sections/widgets…are you sure it is possible?



    Sorry there’s no any offer or sale right now. We offer Discount and sale only on special occasion. If you don’t pay the Annual Support Fee then you wont get any Support from our Team but the Theme will still work as usual.

    Yes it’s sure that number of post can be increased on all section and extra new widgets. Only the Widget “horizontal/Vertical Widget” won’t have option to increase the number because for it the layout and design will goes off. Pro Version Demo have used the Default number of posts for some widgets. You can check that Card post and Block Post widget have 6 and 4 number of posts on different Demos. You can go through the Link that you mentioned to compare about the Free and Pro version as it has included all details.



    if i install the pro versio will it just take all existing settings and ‘just replicate’ what i have now?

    i hope YES?!

    even including custom css?


    You can follow the mentioned topic reply here. and for the Additional CSS you can copy the Custom CSS code and paste to the Additional CSS field of Pro Version.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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