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business template is not showing at all

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    I deleted my wordpress installation to be able to follow your instructions from scretch.
    I created a page, and chosed the business template – but – nothing happend.
    No change – no template is shown, plain text only.
    What did I wrong?


    Hi there,

    Follow this instruction to set the business template. If you have any confusion let us know.

    Thank you!


    I created a brand new page and chose the business template, but nothing occurred dordle after that. There has been no alteration; the displayed content is always just plain text and never a template.


    Hi there,

    You also have to set the different widgets into the Business template sidebar.
    Please follow this documentation to set the widget in Business Template Sidebar.

    Thank you!


    Where do I put the featured widget photo (like in your “Recent Work lewdle“)? I want my home to look like your demo website.



    You can easily add the featured widget photo via Recent Work Widget you can see the option in Recent Work Widget to put the featured photo.

    Thank you!


    Thanks for giving me this information. What you’ve written on your blog is great. You wrote a very helpful and fun blog post that you let people read. wordle game

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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