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bbPress without the sidebar?

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    I’ve spent a good few hours trying to remove the sidebar from the bbPress forum I’ve added to my site. To cut a long story short, I have created a page with the URL “forumtest” and added the short code [bbp-forum-index] to it, then selected a template that doesn’t have a sidebar. That works a treat, however…

    * If I click on any of the forum links, the next page has the sidebar
    * If I change the url to forum, the sidebar returns
    * If I change the bbPress settings to make forumtest my default slug, the sidebar returns
    * If I change the default content layout in the theme options to something without a sidebar, it works fine, but of course that removes the sidebar from all the other pages

    I’ve also experimented with creating a child theme and creating a bbpress.php file, but I’m not sure what file I need to copy to make the sidebar disappear.

    Any help or pointers will be great.




    Hi again,

    I think I’ve cracked it, so here what I’ve done in case it helps anyone else,

    * Create a child theme with the bbpress.php file
    * Edit that bbspress.php file and add the contents of page.php from the Ultimate theme
    * In this new bbpress.php file, find the <?php…<?> code block containing do_action( ‘ultimate_main_container’ );
    * Delete this code block and in it’s place, add the contents of the file content-nosidebar.php from the Ultimate theme

    I preferred the elegance of the short code, and if the content-nosidebar.php ever changes in the main theme, I’m sure we’ll get out of date, but it’s finally working, so it’ll do for now.




    Sorry, another update, I’ve found that using,

    get_template_part( ‘content’,’nosidebar’ );

    …instead of ripping off the contents of the template works just as well, so to edit above, we just need to replace do_action( ‘ultimate_main_container’ ); with get_template_part( ‘content’,’nosidebar’ );



    PS, Great theme guys, keep up the good work


    That’s great vince. We are sorry that we missed your topic.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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