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Attitude Pro – Nothing in Customizer

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    Hi –

    After something when very wrong at my hosting service–bad database–I am having to redo a bunch of stuff on the site http://www.wedellortho.com. I have to do a bunch of relinking of images. Unfortunately, when I go to relink images on the home page in the Customizer, it is blank.

    What do you recommend?

    I am running WordPress 4.9.8, Attitude Pro Version: 3.0.5, with a child theme.

    Thanks for your help,




    OK – I’ve purchased the new version – how would you recommend I proceed? I’ve seen other threads where you recommend deleting the old themes before installing the new one.

    Is there anything I need to worry about as far as the child theme goes? Will it automatically apply itself to the new version?

    Thanks for your help.



    Hi Lisa,

    Just download the fresh copy of the theme and go to your WP dashboard then delete the old version of Attitude Pro theme if you have already installed otherwise just upload the fresh theme and activate it.

    Do not delete you child theme just delete the previous Attitude Pro theme. If you can not delete then first activate any other theme and try again.

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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