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Ambition theme seems to have a footer issue.

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    I am Receiving this error from lazy load videos plugin –

    Your active theme might be missing the call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> Always have it just before the closing tag of your theme.

    This is my site:
    Any suggestions?



    Did you made any code customization in the theme? There is already available wp_footer(); in footer.php file. So i don’t think there is any issue. I think you are customizing the code so you are getting an issue. Please download a fresh copy of our theme and delete old version and re add it again.

    We cannot guarantee that third party plugins will work with our theme and also there are a lots of plugins so you need to hire a developer.

    Thank you!


    I downloaded a fresh footer file same issue.



    I have just check it and there is already available wp_footer(); functions in footer.php. You can check it from your end too. Open footer.php file. On line no 49 there is wp_footer(); just before these two tags


    Thank you!


    The problem was the jetpack plugin. After deactivation, the plugin works fine.


    That’s great dariocallender

    Thank You

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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