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Advertisement Banner on header Mags free theme


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    Hi. I am currently using your Mags free theme for my website. It is a great theme and everything I needed for my sports and news website, which is There is only one problem I am having and that is gettign my advertisement on the header on the homepage and post pages. There is no instructions on how to place an advertisement banner at the top of the homepage or post pages, which is ideal. In the custimizing area, it says to enable banner settings for banner header…not there. Is the banner header resrved just for the paid theme? I need help on this. Thank you, Dennis


    Hi @dfreeman,

    Banner Advertisement is shown only on the “Header Style 2” on Free Version. Since You are using “Header Style 1” so the banner Advertisement is not shown in this layout.

    To show and set the Banner Advertisement, Please go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Header’. Then Check the ‘Style 2’ on Header Style. After that you will be able to set Banner Advertisement with Url and others just below that Header Style options



    facing the same issue. can anyone help me out


    Hi @vikrantrana960

    Can you please clarify about your problem?

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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