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Main menu hover issue – slider incompatible?

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    Hi! Congratulations on the great theme and forum support!

    I’m having a small issue regarding my main menu at the webpage “”
    When, at the home page, I hover the mouse on a menu item that has many pages under it’s hierarchy, I am unable to reach the items at the bottom, as the drop-down menu simply disappears.
    Note that this only happens at the front page, where I have the Slider setup to show. When I access the menu from any other page/post, the menu works perfectly.



    Oh, and thank you! 🙂



    Could really use your help guys…


    Sanjip Shah

    @salomao I tried opening this link but it did not open though I tried it many times.
    Can you confirm the link is correct or not? I will only able to provide the support after I visit the site.
    It may also be a plugin conflict, so try disabling your active plugins one by one and see if this solves the issue.



    Hi! Thanks for the response.
    It really is correct… I wonder what went wrong, because for me it is online now… Maybe it was a temporary thing?




    I tried deactivating all plugins as instructed, but still no success.

    These are the ones I have installed and activated:
    – Akismet
    – Breadcrumb NavXT
    – Contact Form 7
    – JM HTML5 and Responsive Gallery
    – qTranslate
    – Shadowbox JS
    – WordPress Page Widgets
    – WP Retina 2x

    All of them are at the latest update… Thanks!


    Sanjip Shah

    @salomao In the dashboard, go to Apperannce->Theme Options->Design Options Tab->Custom CSS. Paste the following css and click on ‘Save all Chagnes’. See if this solve the issue.

    #controllers {
        z-index: 4;


    Worked perfectly!

    Thanks a lot!


    Sanjip Shah

    @salomao Okay. Great.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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